Client Records

Store your outcome data, securely and online.

Join Client Records and start collecting outcome data for your Person-Centred and Experiential counselling and psychotherapy service today!

Client Records

What does Client Records do?


Client Records enables you to store and analyse data on well known outcome measures: CORE-34, CORE-10, GAD-7, PHQ-9, WEMWBS and the Authenticity Scale

Your data is stored securely and can be calculated for you. Client Records is an online system so it can be accessed wherever you are working.


Turn your service data into reports for management and to support applications to funding organisations. Show the difference you make!

Three reasons why you or your service should collect outcome data.

1. Use outcome data to measure, evaluate and enhance service performance and delivery.
2. Quickly get an overview of the entire service and its data at the click of a button
3. Show funders your organisation makes a quantifiable difference to those you help and support.